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Omnichannel webinar

The Three Hearts of Omnichannel – Customer, Content, Context – and How to Make Them Beat

Omnichannel? There has been a lot of talk. There have been variants of implementation. And there has been one huge misunderstanding about omnichannel that cries to be debunked. Is it all about tech? Do you pile up a bunch of interconnected systems and tools and call that a working omnichannel model? Ultimately, it’s about people and their needs, people and their preferences. Omnichannel is just a gigantic machine that empowers the new mindsets to be more human than ever before. This is why the three crucial points in a successful strategy will be the Customer, the Content they want to get, and the Context in which the message is received. In the upcoming session, you will hear experts’ take on this question – and how to make such a vision a reality.

Meet the panelists:
NUNO RODRIGUES – Digital & Multichannel Manager at Roche
RORIK VAN WELIJ – Worldwide Omni-channel Capability Lead at Bristol Myers Squibb
MARIE MISTRAL FRUIT – Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer at Viseven
DARIO SAFARIC – Chairman at NEXT Pharma Summit

Date: November 4, 2020
Time: 4 PM (CET)
Duration: 60 minutes