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Ben Sidall

The Six Truths of Market Access Negotiation Today

Today, just one in three products ultimately meet analyst projections despite years of a meticulous clinical study, rigorous lifecycle planning, and strategy development – why is that? With an increasing number of products launching each year, narrowing patient populations, and budget tensions exacerbated by COVD-19, it has become more difficult than ever to realize the full value of a product. What enables some products to beat these odds and generate value for patients, health systems, and shareholders where others fail?

This webinar will focus on achieving optimal negotiated outcomes, sharing the “Six Truths of Market Access Negotiation Today” which help you make the right choices (and avoid the biggest mistakes) as you seek to defend the value of your therapies. The market access environment has never been more challenging, and this webinar will share successful approaches that you can implement in your organization across products and geographies.

This session will be presented by Ben Siddall of Vantage Partners.