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Is NBA the answer for Excellence in Field Effectiveness and Experience?

During Covid Pharma generated huge amount of data in various data silos, which made a perfect playground for a proper AI implementation in commercial models. In particular a lot has been said about “Next-Best-Action” or NBA, which might help, substitute or improve the commercial effectiveness paradigm.

However, we are still not certain what NBA might do for us and what is its primary goal and objective, to incorporate that into the commercial teams and models. In this webinar, NEXT will leverage the possible use cases of proper AI/NBA alignment into commercial teams, and how that could lead to improving experiences.

Meet the panelists:
– Gonzalo Llerena – Global Commercial Excellence Lead at Worwag Pharma
– Alexey Cherchago – SVP and Head Global Commercial Excellence at Glenmark at Glenmark
– José Ma. (Chema) Guido Avila – Customer Engagement Transformation Lead at Sanofi

Date: November 3, 2022
Time: 3.00 PM CET
Duration: 45 minutes

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