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Janssen webinar

Connecting the Digital Dots to Create Better Outcomes for all

In this webinar with NEXT Pharma we will discuss how digital technologies are enabling us to radically change our approach to solutions, RWE, patient representation and access to new medicines. Digital technologies are opening new frontiers and touchpoints for us to provide new solutions that can have an impact for both physicians and patients alike. On top of these solutions, new way to capture, share and analyse data are providing deeper insights into the true impact of our interventions. This new body of evidence can then be used to help drive conversations around access and impact with health authorities. In providing these solutions we can also give a bigger voice to patients and empowerment can turn into advocacy as they are able to help us co-create meaningful interventions with them. Ultimately, we want to see these disciplines come closer together so that a virtual cycle of value can drive the evolution of our industry.

Meet the panelists:
– Maria Raad, Vice President, Customer & Digital strategy, EMEA at Janssen
– Martin Price, VP EMEA Market Assess at Janssen
– Dario Safaric – Chairman at NEXT Pharma Summit

Date: November 23, 2020
Time: 3 PM (CET)
Duration: 60 minutes