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Augmenting the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics

Digital Transformation is now ubiquitous in pharma organizations. Every company, big or small, is trying to carve out a strategy, tap into big data and create a path forward for better integration of data, and use of advanced analytics to get closer to its customers. From the commercial perspective, pharma has been late to this game. However, the Pandemic’s influence on the changing landscape for Sales and Marketing leaders has sped up the need to utilize channels beyond the traditional ones and to create a data-driven culture where sales reps and marketing managers get ‘actionable’ insights at their fingertips, and are able to hyper-personalize their tactics through multiple channels. The age-old mantra of “reaching the right customer with the right message, through the right channel” is now made possible with the power of AI and ML. Customer data platforms allow companies to bring multiple levels of company’s own data with third-party data sources to create data-rich predictions and create sophistication in omnichannel settings. NEXT Pharma is facilitating a conversation among leaders from large pharma and AI/Tech leader ODAIA to shed light on the progress that is being made in this area, and the challenges faced as leaders who are making this a reality that touches their companies’ front-facing users and the customers they are trying to engage.

Meet the panelists:
– Orchid Jahanshahi – Vice President, Life Sciences at ODAIA Intelligence
– Philippe Kirby – Global Digital Engagement Capabilities Lead at MSD
– Chris Boone – Vice President, Global Head, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at Abbvie
– Sudhir Mahakali – Global Head, Data Strategy & Advanced Analytics at Novartis
– Alexey Cherchago – Head of Sales Excellence Europe at Sandoz

Date: October 6, 2021
Time: 3 PM (CET)
Duration: 60 minutes